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From Interventions, Group, Marital and Individual counseling to Education and Clinical Supervision Services, Progressive Recovery Counseling Services is committed to providing a broad spectrum of individualized treatment plans and services to our community. We are one of the only counseling services in the Western US that specifically offers a focused treatment tract to address the complicated relationship between eating disorders and drug/alcohol addictions.




Individual Therapy/Counseling

The focus of individual therapy/counseling ranges from mood and behavioral issues (i.e. addiction, eating disorders) to stress management, self-esteem, relationship struggles and "personal growth". Therapy/counseling helps heighten awareness by exploring underlying thoughts and feelings as well as the impact of family and culture and assists clients in developing new skills to deal with the challenges they face.


Drug and Alcohol Counseling

A Drug and Alcohol Counselor provides all facets of support to individuals and families experiencing addiction. This may include individual, family or group counseling about the causes and effects of addiction, support for families dealing with addiction and/or referral coordination services for individuals seeking higher levels of care, such as residential treatment/ Detox. Drug and Alcohol Counselor can also provide a variety of additional services such as community education programs, Intervention (formal or informal), Detox coordination as well as drug testing services. Drug and Alcohol counseling addresses complex issues regarding the recovery process including: family boundaries, co-dependency and proper integration of a 12 Step program (AA, NA, Alanon etc).


Couples/Maritial Therapy

Couples therapy is designed for couples of any orientation or marital status who struggle with issues that are creating friction or disconnection between partners. Therapy typically focuses on exploring and resolving sources of discord in the relationship (i.e. poor communication, mistrust, sexual issues, trauma, addiction), developing more effective conflict resolution skills and enhancing intimacy and connection in a neutral, objective setting.


Family Therapy/Counseling

Family therapy/counseling is designed for clients of any age who are struggling with conflict, disconnection or other obstacles that interfere with satisfying family relationships. Therapy focuses on promoting communication and connection by exploring family dynamics and resolving issues such as parenting struggles, developmental issues, behavioral concerns (i.e. abuse, addiction) and relational challenges (i.e. divorce, blending families). Clients develop more productive ways of communicating as well as more effective conflict resolution skills to break negative patterns of interaction.


Group Therapy/Counseling

Group Therapy is designed to offer support and guidance for individuals who share common such as 12 Step Studies, chemical dependency, eating disorders, relapse prevention and Group process


Clinical Supervision

Michele Jensen, M.S., M.A., MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist and provides clinical supervision to pre-licensed metal health professionals. She has extensive training and experience in clinical supervision and maintains an up to date knowledge of supervision theories and techniques. Michele assists developing therapists on various levels including case conceptualization and treatment planning, development of clinical style, countertransference issues, legal and ethical considerations and self of the therapist issues.

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